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News from The Little Italy Scholarship Foundation
Hooray…Breaking News… Taste of Italy has been sold out! Tante grazie to Maureen Chandler and her Team for creating such buzz that the day we opened ticket sales, we were already sold out! We have budgeted to net over $16,000.00 at this event and we are still accepting donations and program ads. Due to the Coronavirus, we have postponed the Taste of Italy until Sunday September 27, 2020 @ The Little Italy Lodge.

”Mille Grazie” to Christopher Pisano, Little Italy Lodge and At Large Foundation Committee Member, for his tremendous efforts in bringing the Foundation into the 21st Century. Christopher has been instrumental in developing and implementing our Foundation’s Web Site which went live on January 15, 2020. Please visit littleitalyfoundation.org The web address includes a section on the Scholarship application which can be downloaded. Also worthy of interest are sections regarding our history, how we work and who are current members of the Board and At Large Committee.

Over the 21 year history of The Little Italy Scholarship program, we have awarded total scholarship funding of $172,500.00 to nearly 80 relatives of Lodge Members.&nbsp; <strong>The 2020 Scholarships application must be received by Sue Corasaniti no later than May 1, 2020</strong>.&nbsp; However, we are anticipating that due to the pandemic, Federal or university delays on the transcripts or the EFC document may present challenges for applicants. The Foundation’s evaluation committee will be flexible and sensitive to variables out of the applicant’s control. We expect each applicant will make a good faith effort to submit a complete application by the original deadline. This is an unpredictable window of time and we will act with fairness under these unforeseen circumstances.

Finally, the Little Italy Lodge and The Scholarship Foundation recently agreed to accept as qualified scholarship applicants, “stepchildren” and “step grandchildren” effective immediately.

If you have questions about the Little Italy Foundation’s Scholarship process and deadlines, feel free to contact Dr. Paul Rao @ 410-591-3021 or e-mail me at paul.r.rao@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest and let us pray for the citizens of Italy who are being attacked by this virus in a virulent manner.

Respectfully Submitted,
Paul R. Rao PhD
President, Little Italy Lodge Scholarship Foundation