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The Little Italy Lodge Scholarship Foundation recently achieved remarkable success in its mission to support deserving students by awarding scholarships. This year, the foundation received an overwhelming number of applications, setting a record with 19 enthusiastic Italian American candidates vying for financial assistance. This surge in interest showcased the increasing recognition and reputation of the foundation within the academic community. We expect the Foundation Board to review the results of the applications and to vote on the awardees by June 30, 2023, and expect to announce the winners publicly via La Notizia in July.In addition to the surge in applicants, the Foundation organized the highly successful Taste of Italy dinner to generate funds for the upcoming scholarship awards. The event was meticulously planned and executed, attracting many generous supporters. The dinner proved to be a resounding success, raising an astounding $28,000 to be used for scholarships. This record-breaking amount exceeded all expectations and demonstrated the generosity and commitment of the community towards empowering talented Italian-Americans through education. The foundation’s ability to attract such a significant number of applicants and raise substantial funds signifies the positive impact it has made in the lives of students and the community at large. Because of this generosity, the Foundation can continue to provide scholarships this year valued nearly $40,000 to seven worthy applicants. The Foundation thanks everyone who made this possible.